Which Pharmacy School Is The Easiest To Get Into? (Quick Tips)

Are you planning to become a pharmacist? In order to become a pharmacist, you need to pay so much attention to your studies. You need to get a good GPA and also score well on the PCAT examination.

To easily get into a pharmacy school, it is advisable to maintain a GPA of 3.0 and you should also focus on scoring at least 400 in the PCAT exam.

GPA and PCAT grades are important factors considered by pharmacy colleges while taking admissions. If you have not done well in your GPA or PCAT, it can be tough to get admission into pharmacy school. However, there are many pharmacy schools that are easier to get into.

So take into account easier isn’t always better as you still need to take the NAPLEX and be prepared to pass it where schooling will help you in this matter. So apply to numerous different schools both tough and easy to get into. Go the extra mile if you grades aren’t great by volunteering and performing community service among other things.

Easiest Pharmacy Schools To Get Into 2020

Here are some pharmacy schools that are easy to get into:

1. South College

South College School of Pharmacy is located in Knoxville, Tennesse. At South College, you can get admission with low GPA or less score in PCAT. The average GPA here is 3.0 and the NAPLEX rate is 95.7%. This college has a small pharmacy program, hence getting around campus becomes quite easy. The number of faculty members is only 38 and total admitted students are around 100.

2. Texas Southern University

Texas Southern University or TSU is where you can study Doctor in Pharmacy or Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Studies. The good thing is the application procedure at TSU is slightly easy as compared to other pharmacy schools. All it needs is a good score in PCAT and a good GPA and passing interview.

3. South Dakota State University

This is another pharmacy school that has an easier application process. The location of South Dakota State University has less population, which makes it quite easy to get entry into the college. The main two requirements for admission at SDSU are PCAT and GPA score. If both are good, it will be easy to get into SDSU.

4. Oregon State University

Oregon State University is one of the top research universities in the United States. The college offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate pharmacy degrees. During the application, you need to provide your GPA and PCAT score. The minimum GPA considered is 2.75 and a minimum pre-requisite GPA is 2.9.

5. Saint Joseph’s University

Another pharmacy school that is easy to get into is Saint Joseph University. The college is located in Hartford, Connecticut. For application, you need to submit your GPA and PCAT score. The average GPA of students admitted to Saint Joseph’s University is 3.1.

Chances of Getting Into Pharmacy School After Interview

The application criteria will differ from one pharmacy school to another. While taking candidates for the PharmD program, some points pharmacy schools check out in the candidates are grade point average (GPA), interview, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, personal statements, and PCAT scores.

Pharmacy schools analyze the applicant based on the above-mentioned factors and figure out whether the applicant is ideal for their pharmacy program or not. Coming to the main question, what are the chances of getting into pharmacy school after the interview?

After the applicant receives an invite for an interview, there are around 50% chances of getting an acceptance letter. This rate could differ depending on the pharmacy school.

When you receive the interview letter, this is the time when the school has already reviewed your application. Some pharmacy schools focus more on the interview process. This gives them an idea about whether you are the right candidate for their pharmacy program.

To increase your chances of getting selected into your pharmacy school, make sure to prepare well for the interview.

Easiest Pharmacy School To Get Into California

If you want to complete your pharmacy school in California, there are many pharmacy schools available. Some easiest pharmacy schools to get into California are:

California Northstate University

California Northstate University College of Pharmacy is located at Elk Grove in Sacramento, California. The acceptance rate of California Northstate University for PharmD is around 15.9%. Its minimum pre-requisite GPA considered is 2.75, its minimum GPA considered is 2.80, and the average GPA score is 3.2.

Loma Linda University

Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy is located in Southern California. Out of 595 applications the previous year, the acceptance rate was 23.9%. The minimum pre-requisite GPA considered of Loma Linda School of Pharmacy is 2.75 and its average GPA score is 3.38.

Touro University California College

Touro University California is a non-profit institute that offers different professional programs, including pharmacy. Last year, the acceptance rate at Touro University California College was around 9%. The minimum pre-requisite GPA considered at this pharmacy school is 2.75 and the average GPA score here is 3.4.

Easiest Pharmacy School To Get Into New York

If you have got a low GPA and PCAT score, and want to get admission into a pharmacy school in New York, there are many schools available. Here are some easiest pharmacy schools to get into New York:

Touro College

Touro College in New York offers different programs. Among different programs, it also offers a PharmD program. In order to get admission to Touro College of Pharmacy, you need to have at least a 2.5 GPA. Apart from this, your PCAT score, your work history, your interview experience, etc. will also play a great role.

After getting admission, the first two years, you will be required to spend in biological sciences, biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, and public health. And, the remaining two years you will be required to spend in professional settings.

Saint John Fisher College

Saint John Fisher College is another college of pharmacy which is easy to get into New York. In the New York, it is at Rochester. The admission at Saint John Fisher College of pharmacy requires the completion of two years of pre-professional coursework.

Even if you are under 3.0 in terms of your GPA, you will be considered for the application. The minimum GPA requirement at SJFC is 2.75. Apart from this, your PCAT, extracurricular activities, work history, interview, etc. will also be considered.


How To Get Into Easy Pharmacy Schools: Real Student Feedback

Below is information we curated from some forums that are from actual students that either are currently attending or have attended Pharmacy School. We didn’t want you too only take our word for it.

Nothing has been changed besides the grammar or spelling where needed.

Real Pharmacy Students Opinions

1. Jibby321 “GPA Only One Thing” – Gpa is only one aspect. You need to be well rounded. Pcat? Volunteer? Pharmacy experience? What are the average statistics of students admitted to the schools you want to apply to? That Info can be found on their admissions websites.

2. PharmtoCS “Look for Expensive Ones” – A school that meets at least two of the following criteria:

1) Charges $40,000 or more yearly tuition
2) Has a bad reputation
3) Pre-candidate or candidate status

3. Kaidou1412 “Focus on PCAT” – 2.9 GPA is fine. just get better score in PCAT, and do some volunteer & work at pharmacy.

4. CC_123 “Volunteer” – I just got an interview at ETSU with a 3.o/55th percentile…although I did volunteer an entire summer in a pharmacy and I have a lot of other extra curricular stuff. They received my application and notified me of an interview within an hour.

5. 8888888 “Pharmcas Up To Date Research” – Go on pharmcas school pages and evaluate your GPA/PCAT against the average. Then you’ll have an idea. Staying around the average, you’ll have a good shot.. if you’re way above, then maybe it’s your safety.

6. Sugoi Travis “Try Harder” – I don’t know if there really is such a thing as an easy school. I mean….all schools have to have their students take the NAPLEX and that’s a standardized test AFAIK so more or less, every student is going to be taught at a similar level I would assume.

7. AlPacino “Need to make own decision” – Nobody can make this decision for you. This is something you have to research and do for yourself. You should start by going on PharmCAS and looking at potential schools in your area or whose requirements you meet best. There is nothing easy about pharmacy school. I recommend you get used to doing the work now because if you get accepted, nobody is going to have an answer for “what is easiest way to get through pharmacy school.”

8. Sparda29 “More Competition if easier to get in” – The problem is that, the easier the school in terms of GPA and PCAT requirements, the more fierce the competition because everyone would apply there

9. Andromeda7 “A lot of variables” – A person might be a “shoo-in” at one school, but rejected without even getting an interview at another. You’ll have to research to see what each school wants and find out which one seems to be the best fit for you.

If you’re looking for which school has students with the lowest GPAs and PCAT scores, search to find a thread with those stats – I’ve seen several. But keep in mind that while the average GPA at a certain school might be low, students there might have something else that makes up for it.

10. AbsoluteEthanol “Public in state school” – typically, it would be the public school of the state in which you are a resident… unless you’re in california, in which case, you’re screwed =-)

11. RdRaider “University you are attending” – I would probably say the current University you attend, if it has a Pharmacy school of course.

UT = UT at Austin
Texas Tech = TTUHSC
Texas A&M = A&M at Kingsville

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. The main thing you need to focus on is the question which shouldn’t be “What is the easiest school to get into but “What schools accept students with “my” similar stats”.

Apply to as many different schools as you can and not only the ones on this list. Go in state first then out of state next unless you want to get out of your state which can make it easier getting into Pharmacy Schools as well.

Don’t only focus on your GPA and PCAT try to divide your focus into other areas as well. Get some experience in the Pharmacy setting and also get some volunteer work int. Habitat for Humanity is a great volunteer opportunity and you will feel great about yourself as well.

Pharmacy school once you get in is absolutely not going to be easy and will get harder as the years go on. Start early and best of luck to your on your Pharmacist Journey.


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