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Danielle WinnerDanielle Winner Pharmacist has been a pharmacist for over 9 years and an pharmacy intern for 7 years longer before becoming a pharmacist. She is the founder of Pharmacist Report. Her site was built to help those looking to get into pharmacy school and the long enduring career of a pharmacist. It can also help those that are already in school excel and know what path to take to be happy with your career choice. 



My Pharmacist Story

Hello. I am Danielle, a registered Pharmacist in the great state of New York along with the amazing state of Virginia. I am the founder of Pharmacy Report. I graduated from Pharmacy School in 2010 and took my first official Pharmacist Job in Virginia with a retail chain.

I have worked for several different retail chains over the years as both an intern and pharmacist. I have recently made the transition to hospital retail and have never looked back.

I built this site to help those looking to get into pharmacy school or already in to excel and not make the same mistakes that lots of students make (including myself.)

So let me know if you have any questions and go to my contact page to send them in. If you are already a pharmacist I am always looking for additional perspectives and you can do a guest post on my blog if you would like. This is not limited to

Other information on myself. I am married have one child (daughter), a few horses, a few dogs and a cat. My husband works from home and takes care of the farm to best of his capability.

Thank you for visiting http://pharmacistreport.com. I hope to make this
a useful resource by providing the highest quality information to all visitors.

You can reach us any time at admin@pharmacistreport.com

Thank you,

Danielle Winner