Books Every Pharmacist Should Read (Top 10 Successful PharmD Books)

Pharmacist sometimes don’t have that much downtime, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend 10-20 minutes reading a book or even spend your time to and from work listening to a book especially with programs like Audible that even offer a free book when you sign up. These aren’t the best for everybody, but what we tried to do is break it down into 3 categories that include actual Pharmacy Books, Financial books and Mindset Books.

Why Mindset Books? Because your mind is the key to unlocking your potential and everything you want. Whether that is being happy, getting healthy, or getting wealthy. Your mind can solve all those problems if you train it to. So you should start with training your mind to be right.

Why Financial Books? This will depend on your future goals and endeavors. Maybe you want to start up your own Pharmacy, get into Real Estate, Investing, etc. You should always diversify your portfolio and this comes to your money, businesses and most importantly investments.

Why Pharmacy Books? This is to know your craft inside and out just like taking your CE’s (Continuing Education) credits to keep up on things. It is so much easier to read a few pages a day to keep on the ever changing times of Pharmacy then cramming it all in during the end of the year for CE’s.

Now how you read is up to you, but what I do is read for 10-20 minutes in the morning then listen to an Audible book on the way to work. These books are never in the same category. Then at night I will read 10-20 minutes as well helps me sleep amazingly. Sometimes I do get into the book of course and can’t put it down and leads to less sleep. So try setting a timer if needed and sticking to it.

You can actually read and listen to 3 different books at the same time following this however I would almost always only stick to reading one book and listening to one other book. Audible actually has a Free Book Sign Up HERE!

So for example I could read “The New Pharmacist: 46 Doses Of Advice” (Pharmacy Book) in the morning then listen to “Compound Effect” (Mindset Book) on way to work and on way home if you would like. Also could read the same book at night. Try to read or listen to at least a book a month 2 is better and 4 is best.

This list is 12 books total so if you start with a book a month or two half books a month this will get you through the first year.

Top Pharmacy Books For Growth

1. The Pharmacist’s Guide to Conquering Student Loans By Time Church (Available On Amazon Kindle)

Most anybody that has graduated from Pharmacy School knows student loans are outrageous. This book will help you get them under control and paid off earlier so you can live your life with less financial stress. Obviously everyone is going to have to deal with different situations of where their life is. Some of my friends lived at home for 2 years and basically paid off all their loans I didn’t have that luxury so had to take the longer road. This book will help you no matter what position you are in after graduating.

Feeling anxious about how to handle your loans during your residency? Worried about doing everything right for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program? If so, you’re not alone! Pharmacists today are now facing an average of over $170,000 in student loan debt and aren’t always provided with the best tools and resources before graduating. Salaries are not keeping pace and you have additional job market challenges that will directly impact your ability to manage your debt. This is the unfortunate reality that pharmacy graduates are now facing. This book is your guide to help you: Analyze all of the payoff strategies available to you, Confidently choose a plan that will save you the most money and align with your goals Optimize strategies to maximize the benefits of forgiveness programs, Implement ways to accelerate your payoff and become debt-free faster

2. On Being a Pharmacist: True Stories by Pharmacists By Joanna Pangilinian (Available Amazon Kindle)

This book does have a couple of bad reviews but it was from people that weren’t Pharmacists or in Pharmacy school. So if neither of those described you then don’t purchase this as last time I checked this book was still pretty expensive but it does give the truth of the matter. Let’s you know you are not alone in this endeavor. Don’t read this book if you are looking for something exciting to read as it isn’t it just states the truths.

On Being a Pharmacist: True Stories by Pharmacists focuses on the humanistic side of pharmacy practice. In this compilation of stories, essays, and vignettes, pharmacists present recollections of encounters with patients, colleagues, pharmacy teachers, and other health professionals that had a great effect on their life or practice, and they share their humorous experiences in pharmacy practice.

Pharmacists, student pharmacists, and their families will enjoy and relate to these personal reflections. The contributed stories will provide valuable insight into the joyous, and sometimes painful, aspects of pharmacy practice.

3. Call The Pharmacist By Elizabeth Roddick (Available In Audible)

This is a great story that covers a long span of years in a short amount of time listening. Elizabeth takes you through her life as a pharmacist how it has changed, the good, the bad, the ugly along with her fathers life as a chemist.

Set in Glasgow, Elizabeth Roddick, an NHS award-winning pharmacist, gives a very personal account of her life in and out of her community pharmacy. Starting with her father’s struggle as a chemist in 1938, she details the rich, humorous and sometimes poignant stories of the interactions with her patients and customers.

Elizabeth illustrates the development of pharmacy services over the 30-year period as well as demonstrating her holistic approach to health within her pharmacy and in the public speaking arena.

4. Pharmacology by AudioLearn Medical Content Team (Available In Audible)

Now you may be thinking well I only need this for Pharmacology class and that could be true. But it is also true that we need refreshers and this is just the way to do it. The AudiLearn lab is amazing with their audio teaching and you will learn Pharmacology or relearn it if you need a refresher. This is always something like to get bite size chunks of when doing the dishes or driving down the road to work.

Written by experts and authorities in the field and professionally narrated for easy listening, this crash course is a valuable tool both during school and when preparing for the USMLE, or if you’re simply interested in the subject.

The audio is focused and high-yield, covering the most important topics you might expect to learn in a typical Medical school Pharmacology course. Included are both capsule and detailed explanations of critical issues and topics you must know to master the course.

The material is accurate, up to date and broken down into bite-sized sections. There is a Q&A and a key takeaway section following each topic to review questions commonly tested and drive home key points.


Top Mindset Books For Mental Growth

1. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy (Available Amazon Kindle & Audible)

The Compound Effect is based on the principle that decisions shape your destiny. Little, everyday decisions will take you either to the life you desire or to disaster by default. This book is the distillation of the fundamental principles that have guided the most phenomenal achievements in business, relationships, and beyond.

This book has changed our lives as you don’t need to do an entire project overnight as long as you are taking baby steps forward you will get there. As long as you don’t stop. Darren Hardy will help you not only in the work place, but in every aspect of your life. Whether you are starting up a side gig like this blog I am working on when I have free time or a house project. We have many of those but we continue to move forward and not backward no matter what. The little things is what counts.

2. The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson (Available Kindle & Sound Cloud)

Best quote of the book in my opinion: “The truth is, what you do matters. What you do today matters. What you do every day matters. Successful people just do the things that seem to make no difference in the act of doing them and they do them over and over and over until the compound effect kicks in.”

This book similar to The Compound Effect talking about the little things and how they add up over the course of a year or years. Little steps putting in 1% more everyday and never stopping that push forward. If you don’t quite you can’t fail. This book will also help you in every avenue of your life. Unfortunately only Sound Cloud I have found has the audible version. If this ever

3. Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins (Available Kindle & Audible)

This is a personal favorite and is just very crazy good book. David Goggins is an amazing strange and out of this world individual and also everything I would love to be with his drive. This book can be used anywhere at anytime especially when you are down or stressed. I would highly suggest getting this book in Audible and the Hard Copy like I have done. The audible is great with David Goggins commentary and behind the scenes stories. I have read and listened to this book multiple times.

For David Goggins, childhood was a nightmare — poverty, prejudice, and physical abuse colored his days and haunted his nights. But through self-discipline, mental toughness, and hard work, Goggins transformed himself from a depressed, overweight young man with no future into a U.S. Armed Forces icon and one of the world’s top endurance athletes. The only man in history to complete elite training as a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller, he went on to set records in numerous endurance events, inspiring Outside magazine to name him “The Fittest (Real) Man in America.”

In Can’t Hurt Me, he shares his astonishing life story and reveals that most of us tap into only 40% of our capabilities. Goggins calls this The 40% Rule, and his story illuminates a path that anyone can follow to push past pain, demolish fear, and reach their full potential.

4. Work Energy by Jim Harmer (Available Kindle & Audible)

This is a work and mindset book for any kind of task. Jim Harmer is actually how I got into blogging and getting something like this website going among numerous others. He is a very good guy and always tells the truth no matter what and this book is no different.

During that year, he learned a key truth that changed the way Jim viewed himself. He found the one unique quality inside him- one we all have- that gave him a reason to work. He didn’t know it then, but that secret ingredient was his Work Energy.

Now, after creating a digital brand that has attracted over 70 million people and made him financially free, Jim has constructed the framework behind his success. Within this book, you will discover your own Work Energy: the drive behind everything you do and the reason you can take on any goal.

Jim Harmer is the founder of Improve Photography and several other successful blogs. His current company, Income School, has helped thousands provide for their families through blogging and YouTubing. Jim lives in Star, Idaho, with his wife, Emily, and their three children.

Top Financial Books For Business Growth

1. Profit First by Mike Michalowicz (Available On Kindle & Audible)

This is a great book that comes highly recommended by very successful people. It breaks down the accounting aspect of a business and also personal finances.

Conventional accounting uses the logical (albeit, flawed) formula: Sales – Expenses = Profit. The problem is, businesses are run by humans, and humans aren’t always logical. Serial entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz has developed a behavioral approach to accounting to flip the formula: Sales – Profit = Expenses. Just as the most effective weight loss strategy is to limit portions by using smaller plates, Michalowicz shows that by taking profit first and apportioning only what remains for expenses, entrepreneurs will transform their businesses from cash-eating monsters to profitable cash cows. Using Michalowicz’s Profit First system, readers will learn that:

· Following 4 simple principles can simplify accounting and make it easier to manage a profitable business by looking at bank account balances.
· A small, profitable business can be worth much more than a large business surviving on its top line.
· Businesses that attain early and sustained profitability have a better shot at achieving long-term growth.

With dozens of case studies, practical, step-by-step advice, and his signature sense of humor, Michalowicz has the game-changing roadmap for any entrepreneur to make money they always dreamed of.

2. Built to Sell By Bo Burlingham (Available Amazon and Audible)

Whether you are starting a side gig or your own independent pharmacy it doesn’t matter this will help you out greatly. Most people want freedom before you retire and this is how you accomplish that. I have a friend who started his own independent pharmacy chain and although it has gotten harder he has continued to thrive and work at a store only one day every two weeks. Since then he has started getting into real estate, investing amount other areas. This book will help you do the same.

Most business owners started their company because they wanted more freedom—to work on their own schedules, make the kind of money they deserve, and eventually retire on the fruits of their labor.

Unfortunately, according to John Warrillow, most owners find that stepping out of the picture is extremely difficult because their business relies too heavily on their personal involvement. Without them, their company—no matter how big or profitable—is essentially worthless.

But the good news is that entrepreneurs can take specific steps—no matter what stage a business is in—to create a valuable, sellable company. Warrillow shows exactly what it takes to create a solid business that can thrive long into the future.

3. Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller (Available Kindle & Audible)

This one also comes recommended from many different avenues of businesses everything from a small business owner to the lead singer in a band. Either way get this book read it or listen to it. Your life will be changed by its message.

Donald Miller’s StoryBrand process is a proven solution to the struggle business leaders face when talking about their businesses. This revolutionary method for connecting with customers provides listeners with the ultimate competitive advantage, revealing the secret for helping their customers understand the compelling benefits of using their products, ideas, or services. Building a StoryBrand does this by teaching listeners the seven universal story points all humans respond to, the real reason customers make purchases, how to simplify a brand message so people understand it, and how to create the most effective messaging for websites, brochures, and social media.

Whether you are the marketing director of a multibillion-dollar company, the owner of a small business, a politician running for office, or the lead singer of a rock band, Building a StoryBrand will forever transform the way you talk about who you are, what you do, and the unique value you bring to your customers.

4. It Doesn’t Have To Be Crazy At Work by Jason Fried (Available On Kindle & Audible)

You don’t always have to work long hours. When I first started as a Pharmacist I worked almost everyday and had two jobs. Those days are long gone I have chosen myself and to work for a company I can stand behind and be proud of everyday. You need to be happy you only live once so try to do it right and take one day at a time.

Long hours, an excessive workload, and a lack of sleep have become a badge of honor for modern professionals. But it should be a mark of stupidity, the authors argue. Sadly, this isn’t just a problem for large organizations—individuals, contractors, and solopreneurs are burning themselves out the same way. The answer to better productivity isn’t more hours—it’s less waste and fewer things that induce distraction and persistent stress.

It’s time to stop celebrating Crazy, and start celebrating Calm, Fried and Hansson assert.

Fried and Hansson have the proof to back up their argument. “Calm” has been the cornerstone of their company’s culture since Basecamp began twenty years ago. Destined to become the management guide for the next generation, It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work is a practical and inspiring distillation of their insights and experiences. It isn’t a book telling you what to do. It’s a book showing you what they’ve done—and how any manager or executive no matter the industry or size of the company, can do it too.


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